Coronavirus Status: same/​same Updated: 2020.07.01

I …

  • have begun my farewell to Washington tour

… am focused on

  • qual­ity time with peo­ple remain­ing here
  • vis­it­ing a few of my favorite places

… am dreaming of

  • estab­lish­ing a new home and life in the mid­west
  • the places I will visit along the road-​trip to Michigan

… am reading

  • Peper, Eliot. Veil. Independently Published, 2020.
  • Jones, Dan. Crusaders: The Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Land. Viking, 2019.

We …

  • have our Edmonds house on the mar­ket
  • are look­ing for the right house in Rockford, Michigan

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