Mark Ayers

a human being


You may call yourself by any name. Each identity has a shifting foundation. What was liberal, is not. What was conservative, is not. Want was Democrat is now Republican and what was once Republican is now Democratic. What is at this moment will be different tomorrow while carrying the same name. Even our understanding of the meaning of a thing is infirm. So grab the name you want today and use it.

Individual One

In re criminal acts by the citizen Trump before he became President Trump: It is interesting since DOJ will not indict the sitting president and our Congress may not impeach. Trump may find himself in a Putin like position. If Putin loses power he probably dies at the hands of the other kleptocrats he has stolen from. If Trump leaves office he is no longer the sitting president and can be indicted for anything not beyond the statue of limitations.


Russia sees midterm elections as a chance to sow fresh discord. How much of the today’s American political division was amplified with support from Russia? Perhaps it started long before we know. Perhaps it preceded Trump. Might everything since Reagan be part of some slow, cautious, steady, destabilization effort? Okay. That’s my conspiracy theory. I think it is more likely than the “deep state”.


A proposal to find your natural sleep rhythm sounds great. I know something of the rhythm and circles I would gravitate towards naturally. Yet, we live in the anti‐human world we have built with the legal persons that need no sleep at all, that rather needs us to conform to some well‐regulated standard rhythm that may or may not fit each individual’s natural rhythm.

Learning to Code

Learning to program is like learning to read and write any foreign language. Lots of time will be spent looking at symbols that make little sense and hearing people speak about the language in terms that are, while familiar, carrying less meaning than perhaps they should. Lots of time will be spent reading references without context, then looking at language in context, then back and forth again. Except, unlike spoken language, there are no translations to some language you already know.

Good Code

Works Is easy to understand Is easy to change Is fun to work with Reference: In fairness, this view is valid too: With the existing code bases we work on and the code bases we create, I am going to work tirelessly to improve the first case and contribute the later.

Bash Shell Script Style Guide

We drive our devops system of CI/CD pipelines with a collection of standardized bash shell scripts. These scripts collect required resources; validate starting conditions; check for lint and style issues; run unit, acceptance, integration, performance, and smoke tests; build deployment packages and supporting infrastructure in various environments; all while collecting metrics on the artifacts being built and the pipeline’s execution; and reporting the success and failure of each pipeline stage, job, and task into our dedicated chatops channels.

Progymnasmata Exercises

A set of rudimentary exercises intended to prepare students of rhetoric for the creation and performance of complete practice orations (gymnasmata or declamations). A crucial part of classical and renaissance rhetorical pedagogy. Many progymnasmata exercises correlate directly with the parts of a classical oration. ref: Pedagogy ref: Exercises Fable Narration Chreia Proverb Refutation Confirmation Commonplace Encomium Vituperation Comparison Impersonation Description Thesis Law ref: Progymnasmata