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Mark lives in Rock­ford, Michigan near Grand Rapids. He has lived in Jamestown, New York; Lilburn, Georgia; Dublin, Ohio; Edmonds, Wash­ington; and a few U.S. Army bases. He lived in Italy for a year in the early 1980s and Turkey for a year in the early 1990s. He earned a degree in polit­ical science at The Univer­sity at Albany, State Univer­sity of New York.

Mark works on improving tech­no­log­ical systems, services, and processes for Subsplash and its Ulti­mate Engage­ment Plat­form. He worked for Nord­strom writing appli­ca­tion program­ming inter­faces for mobile appli­ca­tions and as a site reli­a­bility engi­neer. He did research and devel­op­ment on the Kuber­netes plat­form for Samsung’s Cloud Native Computing Team. He supported ESPN.com, including mobile fantasy foot­ball and March Madness, for The Walt Disney Company. He has also supported infor­ma­tion systems and infor­ma­tion secu­rity for dental and medical insur­ance compa­nies. He served in the mili­tary as both an enlisted airborne infantryman and a U.S. Army officer.

Mark served four years on his local public library board, including one year as its pres­i­dent. He served five years on the advi­sory board of a regional writers’ confer­ence to recruit, select, and schedule presen­ters and keynote speakers. He has also served as an officer on the exec­u­tive committee of a few volun­teer nonprofit organizations.

The views expressed here are his own. They are not endorsed, approved, or reviewed by any other person or organization.

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