You may call yourself by any name. Each identity has a shifting foundation. What was liberal, is not. What was conservative, is not. Want was Democrat is now Republican and what was once Republican is now Democratic. What is at this moment will be different tomorrow while carrying the same name. Even our understanding of the meaning of a thing is infirm. So grab the name you want today and use it.


A proposal to find your natural sleep rhythm sounds great. I know something of the rhythm and circles I would gravitate towards naturally. Yet, we live in the anti‐human world we have built with the legal persons that need no sleep at all, that rather needs us to conform to some well‐regulated standard rhythm that may or may not fit each individual’s natural rhythm.

Learning to Code

Learning to program is like learning to read and write any foreign language. Lots of time will be spent looking at symbols that make little sense and hearing people speak about the language in terms that are, while familiar, carrying less meaning than perhaps they should. Lots of time will be spent reading references without context, then looking at language in context, then back and forth again. Except, unlike spoken language, there are no translations to some language you already know.