The views expressed


On the real terrain | 2018-07-04 | 57 words
The clouds make a new terrain And the mind seeks to map this new terrain To the imagined real terrain below Then Clouds break And the mind maps The snow and the …

What we are about | 2018-07-04 | 44 words
Chasing the sun westward At thirty five thousand feet, and On the remotest mountain valley Are the fingerprints of our fellow man The hard edges of our ordered …

On Poetry #2 | 1986-07-04 | 38 words
Poetry that's written To entertain oneself Has a value of its own Just like a little elf Who runs around And picks his toes And doesn't have a care Who …

On Poetry #1 | 1984-07-04 | 26 words
More poetry is written Than every will be read. Still, we apply pen to paper. Scratch and slide Words unfold Are found. Melody in voice, Expressed.