The rules

Keep it simple. Make it when you need it.

  • If it has a name, do not give it another name.
  • If you have given it a name, do not give it another name.
  • Start with one file until you need another file.
  • Start with one folder until you need another folder.

Surrender or have a reason.

  • Adapt to the default configuration.
  • After a sincere effort to adapt fails, change the default configuration.
  • Do not think about lint and style, use tools for that.

All the continuous things.

  • Test everything.
  • Deploy every merge request that passes the tests.
  • Test everything.
  • Release main after every merge.

Source code hygiene.

  • Rebase to reorganize before you offer a pull request.
  • Rebase again to squash before you merge to master.


  • add why
  • provide examples
  • define need
  • define everything