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About | 2021-09-29 | 363 words
Colophon The views expressed is built by Hugo, hosted on GitHub Pages, and cached by Cloudflare. It is developed on an Apple MacBook using vscode, hyper, and …

Nordstrom Innovation Lab, empathy | 2014-04-20 | 15 words
Open-ended Questioning Why? Tell me more? Deep Listening Back-to-Back Listening Emotional Response Profile Emotional Check-in

Nordstrom Innovation Lab, frameworks | 2014-04-20 | 19 words
Business Model Canvas Lean Canvas Rainforest Canvas Jobs To Be Done Kaizen T User Stories Journey Mapping Personae ProtoPersona

Nordstrom Innovation Lab, methodologies | 2014-04-20 | 14 words
Agile Lean Lean Startup Design Thinking Systematic Inventive Thinking Synectics Test Driven Development (TDD)

Nordstrom Innovation Lab, practices | 2014-04-20 | 23 words
Kanban Make Work Visible Pairing Auditions Time Boxing Concierge MVP WIP 2x2 grid Triz Stop, start, more, less, Continue Flexible Work Spaces Kaizen

Nordstrom Innovation Lab, reading list | 2014-04-20 | 19 words
Lean Startup Orbiting the Giant Hairball The Innovators Dilemma Innovators DNA GameStorming Small Bets The Toyota Way Gamestorming StrengthsFinder

Nordstrom Innovation Lab, rituals | 2014-04-20 | 12 words
Daily Standup (Big and Little) Weekly Retrospectives Show + Tell Lean Coffee