The views expressed



Asides are less intentional, short, unedited, and perhaps, ill-considered, comments that may not relate directly to the main subject of the site. They are a digression. They are also all too common.
Reactions are a response to a moment. A response, answer, reply, rejoinder, retort, riposte, or feedback. Watch out. They might be rants.
Reflections follow the moments they comment upon and reflect upon what has come to pass.
Expect these since I work as an information technology professional for my salary/wage.
The kit articles cover stuff. I have the tools and the toys I like, and sometimes those I do not like. Here I comment upon those tools.
Fiction is made-up stuff. It is fantasy, fake news, fever dreams, and it may be more authentic than anything else you will ever read.
Poetry is poetry. It may be my own, or I may be highlighting the poetry of others.
Art just is. Anything art might mean belongs to you. Heck. Who are we fooling? Every piece here is what you think it is.


These are an unlimited, and comprehensive, set of tags used to classify articles, notes, and other pages.

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