A fun time to follow football

I choose a football club to follow in each big league during my second US Army tour in Europe. I was living in Turkey and passed Galatasaray SK on my way into my Istanbul haunts. Check. My first significant European club match experience had come while, visiting the Italian Alpini Paracadutisti. Juventus was playing Hamburg. But I picked my local team to follow, Real Vicenza V.S. In a nod to my historical lineage, I decided to follow Swansea City in Wales. More than a decade later, our Seattle Sounders FC made it to MLS and began revealing their greatness. Now, two of SSFC’s very best have landed in two of the clubs I selected so many years ago. Following those teams will be so much fun. And bonus; the two American’s from SSFC are both speed demons too. Fun!

Note: I cannot wait for pandemic restrictions to lift so I can attend matches of my new local team, Grand Rapids FC of the USL second league.

Update 2021-02-21: Seattle Sounder FC player, Jordan Morris, was injured in a match for Swansea City. The injury resulted in ending his loan to that team.