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zsh notes

2010-04-20 | 75 words

zsh startup and shutdown

condition first second
always /etc/zshenv ${HOME}/.zshenv
login /etc/zprofile ${HOME}/.zprofile
interactive /etc/zshrc ${HOME}/.zshrc
login at startup /etc/zlogin ${HOME}/.zlogin
login at shutdown ${HOME}/.zlogout /etc/zlogout

use if [[ -o rcs ]]; then ... to prevent execution after first in zshenv

from man reading

symlink to sh, bash, ksh, rsh, rbash, rksh, rzsh

$ZDOTDIR, $RCS effect startup; bindkey -e for emacs mode; $HISTFILE, $HISTSIZE, $SAVEHIST effect history; $LANG, $LC_TYPE for character set; compsys for completions;