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Collect, process, organize, review, and do

2021-04-22 | 247 words

Collect People have all kinds of ideas about a zillion things, and refile them somewhere in their mind. Additionally they are getting hundreds of communications a day, from emails to random interruptions.

Process They are trying to process these things in a haphazard and ad hoc fashion–mostly thinking about what they should be thinking about, and not really finishing the exercise.

Organize Organization in their mind is super slippery–hard to grab hold contextually of anything more than the latest and loudest inputs. Herding cats would be easy in comparison.

Review Only being able to imagine and remember small portions at a time, it is almost impossible to really get a multi-level, 360-degree perspective of the whole picture. There’s a lot of hoping that they’re seeing what they need to see.

Do The resultant reallocation of resources (Next Action) out here in the world is often then merely a hopeful guess at the best thing they ought to be doing. Even worse, “doing” sometimes becomes just a way to get “busy” to try to shut up the internal, incessantly incomplete action management. Worst case, then, is that we don’t do anything constructive, and we simply retreat into avoidance behaviors.