The views expressed


2018-09-11 | 152 words

You may call yourself by any name. Each identity has a shifting foundation.

What was liberal, isn’t. What was conservative, isn’t. Want was Democrat is now Republican and what was once Republican is now Democratic. What is at this moment will be different tomorrow while carrying the same name. Even our understanding of the meaning of a thing is infirm.

So grab the name you want today and use it. Wear it out. Or replace it as you please.

We have escaped the 700 years of feudalism. Those years when, by the unintended consequence of an emperor of Rome trying to keep a behemoth empire from falling apart decreed that you will be what your father was and will live where your father lived, we each found our selves serfs bound to name, place, duty, and God.

No. Call yourself by any name. Claim your freedom and by claiming it, retain it.