By Mark on 20200125 — 1 min read

I may have groked what the Bud­dhist calls not-self, anattā.

I have had some part of my atten­tion upon con­scious­ness and time over the last few months. Not the sur­face def­i­n­i­tions, not even the philosophical/physical con­ver­sa­tion about the con­cepts. Instead, I have been attempt­ing to grok the expe­ri­ence of con­scious­ness and time.

That con­tem­pla­tion was my path to not-self. Com­pelling (if you hap­pen to be “a set of causal­ly inter­re­lat­ed psy­chophys­i­cal process­es and events” col­lo­cat­ed in space and time with my body and mind).

Now to deter­mine if lan­guage can offer a way to talk about these. Time and Self are pri­ma­ry fea­tures of our communication.

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